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Friendslocking .

not adding people anymore, sorry. 


ahh christmas can actually be fun <3 Babies opening presents makes for a cute way to spend a morning anyway.

We went to Ilkley moor t'other day, it was so misty and beautiful! We got to the twelve apostles just as the light faded.

and the light was pretty good for a while, so we may have took some photos that will do for Phil's new edition of his psychogeographia ruralis book, which is nice! Sometimes the day is magical and the photos don't really show it because of the conflicting conditions and light, but I think some of this show to some degree how wonderful it was to wander around the moor in the mist. I did my ankle in on the walk back to ilkley though, those paths are evil!


The almias project is almost finished, enjoyed being a part of it sooooo much ;_; but then the book is beautiful, the music is lovely and the tour *will* be great. I can't even decide which was the most fun part! Music making maybe.


at midnight tonight the book and music goes up! let me know what you think :)

oh and any yorkshire peeps who have nowt to do on the 25th, psychogeographical tour!


My accordion actually came today, think its the greatest thing in the world!

I havent posted here in ages. We've been looking at a lot of pyramids.

This photo looks shopped or painted or something, but it was just my buggered up photography skills hard at work. It took about 10 minutes of me swearing and rolling around in the snow to even get the fucking thing to focus....but it was worth it I think. Castle howard pyramid, theres another one there that I cant find a photo of at all but we'll go back when it isnt minus 5 and really freaking misty.

obsessed atm with pyramids, its a good off centre focus. I sometimes feel a bit weird, like we're pilgrims to a force we dont even have a name for. We seem to all appreciate it though so thats good I guess.

The solstice sunrise...actually by time we dragged saff up the hill we were late but you cant tell from the photographs. Plus we saw the sunrise as we drove up to harewood and it was gorgeous, like fire in the sky. Everyone else moaned but it was so much fun! Winter solstice always beats summer solstice.

The star pyramid at stirling in scotland, dedicated to religious freedom. I'm enjoying having a focus anyway, to try and make sense of everything I love via this totally bizarre geometrical decentralization. They are pretty stunning too.

MARVEL at the shiny shiny accordion which briony got me off ebay! MARVEL! Its so shiny and full of diamontes, it will not fit the folky intentions at all that we have but then, neither will we. We'll have to create a new kind of disco folk. yeah.

Radioactive Cupcakes - a fundraiser for Maire Curie Cancer Care
This is a charity event and donations for the bring and buy sale or baking for the refreshments would be greatly appreciated!! Message us here or email tugboatsailor@hotmail.com if you would like to help ^-^

16th August at the brudenell social in hyde park, leeds - 1pm - 10pm

earlier in the day we will have:
Bring and Buy sale with japanese fashion stall with handmade craft items and limited art prints, plus general bric or brac stalls for bargins galore! An artist has also kindly offered to come to do portraits on the day. Also homemade cupcakes, tea and maid cafe service for refreshments.From 5pm onwards we will have bands playing!


http://www.myspace.com/thedevilsjukeboxuk - as the shanghai syncopators!
dj PD playing later on with pretty much everything from muse, conway twitty, tool, rasputina and aphex twin with a techno edge..ooh

the cupcake shoppe have offered to bake for us at cost price so we will have some beautiful radioactive cupcakes for sale on the day!


Also we will have an artist who has very kindly offered to come to do portraits on the day:


If anyone wants to donate to the bring and buy sale I am happy to arrange collection before the event, general bric a brac, hello kitty stuff, clothing in decent condition, if you are unsure just ask! Big thanks to those who already donated, we've had such an awesome response and the lolita stall is going to be fabulous on the day :D we've even got jsks, skirts and brand items for sale!
we have quite a few volunteers now for helping out with the maid cafe and bring and buy but if anyone else is interested we will almost definitely need more on the day. Or if anyone just wants to come along thats great too just let me know and i can supply directions etc. I also have a3 posters and flyers now if anyone thinks they can help promote the event?

If anyone needs to know anything else, just ask!
Its made me really happy, thank you so much jacqueline!

a skirt with matching headbow, a really cute jsk and various hair accessories....im so pleased the lolita stall is going to look really cute and hopefully raise lots of moneys. Im not quite sure on how to price them on the day though so any suggestions?

we had these through the post before we went away too, how adorable are they? I think im going to have to stop my sister from buying them all though...

I cant get over how nice and generous everyone has been, its really sweet ;_;